Ayoub Lasri

Ayoub is a Spanish national who was born and raised in Morocco. His interest in the field of Mathematics began at an early age and can be traced back to his college days where he became interested in the immense variety of areas in which Mathematics can be of use. During his Bachelor's he became more specifically interested in the application of Mathematics to Medicine. To start his postgraduate career, Ayoub completed a general Master's degree in applied mathematics, which gave him the opportunity to learn a variety of notions in the Mathematics field. Later he specialized in optimization and control theory. Ayoub sees GLIOTRAIN as a great opportunity for him to pursue his interest in the application of Mathematics to Medicine. Ayoub is working at RCSI, Ireland, on the project "Multi-scale mathematical modelling of non-Darwinian dynamics in therapy-induced drug resistance in GBM" under the supervision of Dr Marc Sturrock. In his free time Ayoub enjoys travelling to new places and meeting new people from all around the world. He also enjoys cooking and gastronomic delights.