Chiara Bocellatto

Chiara performed her studies in Rome and was awarded her Bachelor's Degree with an experimental thesis on the regulation of the splicing process in yeast. She carried out this research during an Erasmus internship in Spain and since this first experience in a lab, totally fell in love with research! She was awarded a Master's degree in molecular biology and whilst preparing her thesis undertook a 1-year Erasmus internship. These experiences abroad gave her the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and she found that being in an international environment was extremely beneficial for her personal and professional growth. Chiara feels very lucky to be part of GLIOTRAIN; as a European Training Network it provides her with high quality training in an international atmosphere, exactly what she was looking for! Chiara is working at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, on the project "Development of a validated mathematical model to predict GBM responsiveness to the translationally relevant TRAIL-variant IZI1551" under the supervision of Prof Markus Morrison.