GLIOTRAIN representatives participate in numerous outreach and public & patient involvement (PPI) events

In March 2018, GLIOTRAIN PI Dr Anna Golebiewska gave a talk to high school students in the framework of the 'Researcher at the School' initiative in Luxembourg. She introduced the everyday reality of being a researcher in academia. GLIOTRAIN students at the University of Stuttgart have also been partaking in outreach activities: In June 2018, Nivetha Krishna Moorthy featured in the Research Life Publication from the Universität Stuttgart in an Article called "Cancer Experts of tomorrow". Read the article »

Nivetha, along with Chiara Boccellato (pictured) and GLIOTRAIN PI Prof Markus Morrison also hosted an MSc class in Technical Biology to enter the research facilities and spend time with them to learn about cutting-edge science in the field of GBM, to discuss career perspectives and to experience the value of European and international research collaborations first hand.

GLIOTRAIN has now twice been represented at the Patient Voice in Cancer Research (PVCR), held at University College Dublin. PVCR is an initiative to actively engage cancer patients, cancer researchers and other interested parties (patient advocates, families, carers and healthcare professionals, policymakers and those with an interest in cancer research) in discussions and decision-making processes, which positively influences cancer treatment and outcomes for patients. As part of this initiative, twice-yearly UCD opens its doors to anybody with an interest in cancer research to visit their research laboratories and hear from teams of scientists about the work that they are doing. GLIOTRAIN was delighted to be displaying the work being undertaken and planned, and to have the chance to chat to the public and engage with other exhibitors, including cancer support groups and charities. GLIOTRAIN students Ioannis Ntafoulis (pictured left) and Romain Tching Chi Yen (pictured right) together with GLIOTRAIN Project Manager Dr Alice O'Farrell were involved in these events.

At the RCSI Transition Year "mini-science" event Kieron White spent time with the students, showing them around the lab and introducing them to cell culture.