GLIOTRAIN Students Involved in “Comic” Initiative to explain Machine Learning

When biomedical and computer sciences meet

Two GLIOTRAIN students based in Luxembourg, Romain Tching Chi Yen (based at ITTM) and Yahaya Yabo (based at LIH) along with another doctoral student, Yue Zhang (also based at LIH), recently teamed up to produce a 2-page comic strip to explain Machine Learning and its applications in Biomedical Research. This was accomplished as part of the comics series initiative of the Doctoral Education In Science Communication (DESCOM) project at the University of Luxembourg, involving 22 PhD students and a French communication agency, agence9. The comic strip that Romain, Yahaya and Yue developed is one of seven comics that were developed in the frame of the project “Doctoral Education in science communication” (DESCOM). Launched in 2018 with the support of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and the Doctoral School of Science and Engineering (DSSE), the project aims to support interactions between academia and the public by providing different modes of training in science communication. The comic was developed with the support of Francesco Azuaje, a principal investigator at the LIH.

Through the comic strips, the students hope to simplify and get more people interested in the scientific concepts behind Machine Learning and more generally Bioinformatics. This field is often perceived as a little complicated since it is the science at the border between Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics. “Nowadays you hear a lot about AI – Artificial Intelligence – but most people don´t really know much about it”, explained Romain. “We wanted to simplify and explain it in a way that more people could understand.”

This initiative was developed to encourage communication on the activities of scientific research in Luxembourg to the general public, and in particular to inspire high-school students to develop interests for science. Learn more and read Yahaya, Romain and Yue’s comics titled “When biomedical and computer sciences meet”, as well as the other students’ comics from the initiative, here.