GLIOTRAIN well represented at key European neuro-oncology meeting

The European Society for Neuro-Oncology (EANO) 2018 meeting took place in October 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Prof Martin van den Bent, who is a member of the GLIOTRAIN External Advisory Board, is the current President of EANO (2018-2020), and at EANO 2018, Prof Simone Niclou (GLIOTRAIN PI, LIH) was elected as an Executive Board Member. During the conference, Prof Niclou chaired Oral Session 1: Basic science and pathology, and gave the key lecture entitled "From metabolism to invasion: new players in glioma invasion". Prof Martin van den Bent and Prof Monika Hegi (both GLIOTRAIN External Advisory Board members) were also keynote speakers. Prof van den Bent presented "Important Markers in Decisions Making" in the Meet the expert Session 1: Update in the management of adult high-grade glioma, and co-chaired Plenary Session 5: Treatment resistance. Prof Monika Hegi presented an "Update on Molecular Pathology" in Plenary Session 4 - Management of adult and paediatric low grade gliomas. "GLIOTRAIN" the project overview was presented in the poster sessions by Dr Alice O'Farrell whilst Ms Kathy Oliver (IBTA) hosted a Key session, "Better and knowledgeable patients -- better decisions -- better outcomes". (Kathy [right] and Alice [left] are pictured.