Nivetha Krishna Moorthy

Nivetha is from India and completed her Bioinformatics Bachelor’s Degree in Tamil Nadu. During her Bachelor's degree she completed an internship on machine learning in Paris through a Campus France scholarship. Subsequently Nivetha decided that she should do her Master's in Europe to expand her experience in science. She was awarded a Master's degree from Paris Descartes University through an International Master's Mobility Scholarship. During her Master's, she enjoyed exploring Biomedical Engineering during three different internships. Nivetha comments that GLIOTRAIN will be the best program for her career, as she will have research experiences in private and public labs and she is looking forward to confronting the high demands of this PhD program. Nivetha is working at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, on the project "Development and testing of a CNS-penetrating variant of the translationally relevant TRAIL variant IZI1551" under the supervision of Dr Gavin Fullstone. After science, Nivetha enjoys travelling and also makes time to do cooking.