Romain Tching Chi Yen

Romain is from the small tropical Island in the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti and he would like to point out that Tahiti is the kind of island you imagine when you hear about white beaches and coconut trees! Despite this, he moved to Lyon, France to complete his Engineering Degree in Biosciences at INSA de Lyon, France, specialising in Bioinformatics and Modelling, Subsequently he spent time at the European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine (EISBM), undertaking a Systems Medicine internship. He continued to work here as a Bioinformatics Research Engineer for another year. Romain is working at ITTM, Luxembourg, on the project "Systems methods for analysis of heterogeneous GBM datasets towards elucidation of inter-tumoural resistance pathways and therapeutic new targets" under the supervision of Dr Andreas Kremer.