News and Events

GLIOTRAIN Represented at the 2018 "Research and Challenges of Brain Conditions in Ireland" Conference

GLIOTRAIN was represented by Programme Manager Dr Alice O'Farrell, PI Dr Brona Murphy and ESR Viktorija Juric at the "Research and Healthcare Responses to the Challenge of Brain Conditions in Ireland" Conference held at the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland on 6th March 2018. The conference, organised jointly by the Irish Brain Council and the Neurological Alliance of Ireland, kicked off #brainawarenessweek. The event focussed on the societal challenges and funding requirements for all brain conditions in Ireland.

Early stage researchers present posters at national and international conferences

In the summer of 2018, GLIOTRAIN ESRs started to present early results from their projects at national and international scientific meetings. Jenny Weng (left) presented her poster entitled "Investigating Vascular Niches of Glioblastoma by Spatial Transcriptomics" at The 20th International Vascular Biology Meeting 2018 (IVBM2018) which was held in Helsinki, Finland on June 3-7, 2018.

International Conferences

Prof Gabriele Bergers will present at two upcoming international conferences: firstly at the Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Conference 2018 (in "The tumour microenvironment and the immune system" session and also at the "Brain Tumors Meeting 2018 - From Biology to Therapy" organised by the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and Foundation of Clinical and Experimental Oncology offering a talk entitled "Glioma heterogeneity in space and time".

GLIOTRAIN PI delivers a seminar entitled "Cell death control – from mechanisms to applications"

Prof Markus Morrison delivered a seminar entitled "Cell death control – from mechanisms to applications" at the Seminar Series of the Fraunhofer Institute for production technology and automatization, Stuttgart, Germany (January 2018) and "Modelling cancer cell death – from mechanistic insight to systems-based patient prognosis" at the 3rd Open MultiMed Training School (Multi-scale and Multi-level Modelling Methodologies in Biomedicine), Erlangen, Germany, February 2018.