Transferrable Skills Training Event for Dissemination and Communication Takes Place at EMC, January 2019

The 2nd GLIOTRAIN transferable skills course was held at Beneficiary EMC, Rotterdam and was run in conjunction with the communications department at EMC and with Zeehaas, a communications company with speciality in science writing and communication. The focus of the course was manifold.

On Day 1 students were introduced to the concepts of dissemination and communication especially within the context of the studies funded by the European Commission and the expected levels and type of dissemination that is now a requirement on such studies. The importance of engagement between scientists and the public via the press, the internet and social media has become imperative in the last decade. The disconnect between real science and the public, with the emergence of anti-science campaigns such as the anti-vaccination movement, is something that must be overcome in order for understanding of science in the EC and its positive social effects to be understood by the wider populous. As such the workshops on the GLIOTRAIN Transferable Skills II course were to improve the students' ability to convey their research via a number of media in an appropriate way.

As part of the Dissemination and Communication workshop, the GLIOTRAIN students were tasked to write a short report on their IRP for inclusion in the 2019 edition of the International Brain Tumour Alliance Magazine, "Brain Tumour", which is published internationally. IBTA is an important GLIOTRAIN Partner and each year the project will feature in the magazine, with all ESRs expected to have input into the articles. Students used this opportunity to write first drafts of their sections during the writing workshop. Articles were then discussed and critiqued by other students and the drafts were developed with assistance from the course leader. Following the course, GLIOTRAIN ESRs submitted their drafted text to the Project Manager who further worked with the ESRs on tailoring the article for the readership of the Brain Tumour Magazine, which is considered to be a "lay" but generally well informed and interested readership. The article was published in the Brain Tumour magazine in May 2019. A link to the electronic copy of the article can be found at:

GLIOTRAIN Students attend Erasmus MC for the GLIOTRAIN Communication and Dissemination (Transferable Skills II) course
Mr Fred Balvert and GLIOTRAIN Students during the Introductory Session of the Transferable Skills II Course
Ms Chretienne Vuijst working with the GLIOTRAIN Students on Day 2 of the Transferable Skills II Course