GLIOTRAIN PhD candidates present their work at international meetings in Year 3 of the programme

The annual Life Sciences and Euron PhD Days was held in September 2019 at LIH. Organised since 2013, the PhD Days have become a key scientific event for doctoral candidates in Luxembourg carrying out their projects in biomedical research.  Both of our Luxembourg based GLIOTRAIN students, Romain (pictured L ) and Yahaya (R), attended and presented posters at this national meeting.






The 27th European Cell Death Organization (ECDO) conference took place in Dresden in September 2019. ESRs Chiara Boccellato, Nivetha Krishna Moorthy and Viktorija Juric presented posters.




The largest neuro-oncology meeting in Europe, EANO 2019, took place in October and was well attended by GLIOTRAIN ESRs and PIs. ESRs Ioannis and Federica  both presented posters, entitled “Drug screening of available anti-cancer drugs on patient-derived GBM cultures identifies candidate treatments for a subpopulation of GBM patients” and “Multi-omics as a tool for elucidating temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma multiforme” respectively.

October 2019 also saw the 4th Disease Maps Community Meeting take place. ESR Romain Tching Chi Yen (ITTM) attended this meeting, presenting his poster “Towards representation of genetic alterations in Glioblastoma Multiform” – the disease map work that is a key element in his project. ESR Jenny Weng (VIB) gave an oral presentation entitled "Investigating intratumoral GBM heterogeneity in response to anti-angiogenic/immune therapies" to around 100 attendees at the VIB-CCB progress seminar November 2019.

The Irish association of cancer research (IACR) annual meeting took place in February 2020. A number of our Ireland-based ESRs attended. Kieron White presented a poster “Identifying new tumour microenvironment contexts of vulnerability in glioblastoma”. Kieron’s poster was shortlisted in the best postgraduate student category. Viktorija Juric  was chosen to give a talk at the IACR on her project Interrogating cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors as a novel treatment strategy for glioblastoma patients.