GLIOTRAIN ESR Yahaya Yabo wins the LuxDoc ‘People’s Choice’ prize

Congratulations to GLIOTRAIN ESR Yahaya Yabo who recently won the LuxDoc ‘People’s Choice’ prize.

This prize is part of the 3 minute thesis competition organized by LuxDoc  to celebrate the work of PhD students conducting their research in Luxembourg. It is organised every year and provides a platform for PhD students to disseminate their work in simple terms to lay audience in 3 minutes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year and the previous years’ participants took a video of themselves presenting their work and uploaded the 3 minutes videos on Youtube. The videos were shared on LuxDoc’s facebook page ( where people voted for their favorite video(s) by pressing the 'Like' button. After the voting period Yahaya's video had the highest number of likes and was announced the first place winner in the “People’s choice” category. .

Upon receiving the prize Yahaya commented “I am happy that the main aim of disseminating our work in simple terms to a wider audience has been achieved, and you liked it”

He futher commented “This prize is for all that supported me with their likes, shares, posts and kind comments. I have therefore decided to use most of the prize money in a good cause that will benefit all of us and humanity.” Yahaya will contribute to two projects. Firstly, he will contribute to a tree-planting initiative in Sokoto, Nigeria to help in slowing down the desertification problem in this region. Along with his good friend Arc Saleem Abubakar Sahabi, Yahaya hopes to provide 100,000 trees towards the overarching goal of planting 1 million trees of different varieties, especially drought resistant varieties.  

Secondly, Yahaya will contribute towards the data collection efforts on out-of-school children (Almajiri) in Sokoto, in a project currently ongoing and initiated by the non-profit organization Sokoto Education Support Forum – SESFO, which was founded by Yahaya and some friends. Through SESFO, Yahaya and the team hope to improve educational services in the state through the provision of educational materials and a focus to support the transformation of the Almajiri system of education.

Finally Yahaya commented “A big thanks to my supportive supervisor Anna Golebiewska and my team #NorLux Luxembourg Institute of Health as well as the GLIOTRAIN Project for the support over the years and for funding this project. Thank you all for your support and best wishes.”

You can see Yahaya’s video here: Finding the cure for cancer - YouTube